Nurit Adler 

B.A., M.A., R.S.W.

My Approach


Over the last 10 years I have customized my therapeutic practice to focus on a person’s ability to self reflect, and understand their behaviour within the context of a larger system. I work from an Adlerian perspective, following the teachings of Alfred Adler. Adlerians look for balance in all areas of a person’s life as signs of emotional well being. In my approach, we identify areas of difficulty and work on learning new ways of coping, behaving and eventually perceiving situations. This enables us to be accountable for the energy and behaviour that we bring into any situation and choose the best path towards the fulfillment of our goals.

People learn to manage early in life with a certain set of rules. These rules were effective when they were young but often no longer apply in an adult setting. Once a person is able to see where their “mistaken beliefs” lie, they can address, or dispel them.